Sunday, December 8, 2013


So today is my dad's birthday. 
After going to church we went to our province, Batangas.
This is what i wore for today.

Plus, here are photos of my 2 lovely sisters.

The Holidays are coming.
What's your Christmas wish this year?

Sorry for the short post! :)



Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not your typical fringe

Lately, I've been wanting to wear a fringe and/or cropped tops.
But I do not want to reveal too much skin as I am in my chubby days right now.
Good thing I was able to find this red top in my best friend's closet.
I like this top because it is not the typical fringe we see.
It has these flowery cut outs on the bottom that makes it unique.

Fringe Top - Borrowed from my bestfriend Lyca
Printed Skirt - Borrowed from my sister Aice
Shoes - Call It Spring

'Til here!




Monday, October 14, 2013

Something New

I own a ton of shorts but I never had this kind 
so this is something new to me.
I always see my bestfriend Lyca in shorts like this
and that's what made me decide to buy one.

I was lucky to find this blue patterned shorts in a sale in Shapes.
It's original price was 550 pesos but I just got it for 300 pesos only!
Don't you just love sales? *laughs*

Blazer - Zara
Tank top - Bazaar
Shorts  - Shapes
Shoes - People are people

'Til my next post!



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finally back!

It's been quite a while since I last posted an OOTD. =))
The reason behind this is because my aunt borrowed my camera for her U.S. trip.
Huhuhu. ='(  I just wish I was my camera so that I  can also go there.
Anyway, here's an outfit I wore last sunday.

I've always liked this neon skirt.
It just keeps you stand out among the crowd.

Neon Pink Skirt - Vogue District Clothing
Polka Dot Top - from my secret shopping place :)
Black Pumps - People are people



Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Laziness Strikes

I am not really big when it comes to accessories.
I often get irritated by it but I try to use 'em sometimes.
Apart from that, I for one don't have that many accessories to start with.
You'll often see that I use the same pieces again and again
 or sometimes I just don't use them or doesn't emphasize it on my pictures.
Here are some of my pictures in this beautiful dress I got from my favorite shopping place.

I love how the way it hides my fats!
Yes, as you can see I'm not thin!
But I don't care! Haha (Well, sometimes I do care.)
At least I'm quite getting the hang of knowing my angles 
and hiding what's need to be hidden! Hahaha =))

Dress - from my favorite secret shopping place
Shoes - Bazaar

Most of the time I resort to a dress when I'm lazy to pick out more stylish clothes.
Dresses can just give that classy look without feeling the need to add anything else.
Cheers to another lazy day for me to style myself!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bad Weather

Weather here in the Philippines is really unpredictable.
One minute the sun is shinning bright, the next you know it's raining hard outside.
This is an outfit I wore during our bazaar in Elements tent in Centris, Quezon Ave.
I had to be in my best comfortable clothes since 
I was going to commute there (Heels excluded haha).

These skinny pants were so comfortable! It's like I am wearing leggings.
I am not very fond of wearing pants that's why.

Kimono-like black blouse - Plains and Prints
Skinny pants - Surplus
Bag - borrowed from my sister Aice

Cracked bracelet - from my Tita
Snake bracelet - from my ama
FYI: Ama is lola in Chinese
Rings from my ama and mama
(Will blog about the story of the rings next time!)

Shoes - Call it spring
(Don't blame me. They were on sale!)



Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I tried to experiment for this outfit.
I was supposed to be wearing just the flowered skirt.
But my stylist, A.K.A. my mom, asked me to put a longer skirt underneath
since the flowered skirt was very short for me.

Well, I think it look great!
It was just that many people were asking if I was going to a wedding.
Haha! =)) 

This would be a nice outfit to a wedding.
Just put on some heels and a also a belt to create more shape.

It would also be nice if you more hair accessories like my flowered hair clips.

Flower Hair Clips - Borrowed
Doodled Shirt - Just from somewhere :)
White Laced Long Skirt - Hand me down
Flowered Skirt - Cinderella
Glittered Slipper - Ipanema



Monday, August 12, 2013


I was aiming for a casual yet stylish look here.
I am fond of wearing shorts because I can move easily in it.
I paired this high waist short to a long sleeve printed polo to give it more color 
and also to try something new.
I always pair shorts with a shirt so this is definitely new to me! =)

 This a total bad hair day that's why I pulled my hair into a pony tail.

Heart Printed Polo - Mango Basic
Belt - Bazaar
Short - Bazaar
Blue Sandals - Grendha

Hope you all like it! 


Monday, August 5, 2013

Dolled Up Sunday

Peplums could easily make your look a bit corporate.
Just put on a blazer and your ready to go.

Ang trying hard ko daw dito. Haha. So what?!

Peplum - SM Dept. Store
Skirt - Hand me down
Black pumps - PRP

Shannela on my left. Aishra on my right.

Such cute babies! =))

These two girls also wanted to pose for the camera.
Super kulet as in! =))

Additionally, I got these lenses!
Hoooray!!!!!!!!! :)
Can't wait to try them! :)))


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Follow me on Pinterest

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Pinterest was introduced to me by 
my college bestfriend  Karla (See her blog here: Charmed Haute).
It wasn't until I graduated that I actually tried pinterest.
But it turns out now that I love the site!
I am able to see a lot pictures from fashion to food and many more.
Here are some of the things that I repinned.

 Fashionable pieces that I wish I had!

 Yummy stuff! I wish I know how to cook. Haha.

 Places I want to go to! (SOON!) =))


 DIY projects! Actually tried some of it and it works! 

These are very helpful for styling and also for staying beautiful.

Don't forget to follow me! Just click THIS! =))



<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Monday, July 29, 2013

Margaux Inspired

 This was what I wore to my cousin's 2nd birthday party.
Of course this was a chance for me to dress up again.
That's why I decided to wear this Aztec maong short which 
I bought from somewhere secret! =) Haha (*evil laugh)
I am fond of buying cheap but is of high quality pieces.
To add some light to this look my mom/stylist suggested 
to pair it with this yellow top and blazer.
Inspired by Margaux from the teleserye Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

Blazer - Plains and Prints
Yellow top - Bazaar
Belt - Bazaar
Aztec maong shorts - Somewhere secret! =))) 
Black pumps - People are People

 With Little Miss Fashionista - Aishra (my youngest sister)

Cute little girl who loves to pose in pictures! 
She said she'll become a model someday. Hihi!

Floral dress - gift from our tita
Black stockings - from Aice, our sister
Shoes - 

More photos from the party....
 With the birthday girl in her purple mini dress.

Isn't she cute?! Annoyed by all the cameras and people around her! =)

My aunties and sisters

Hope you liked my ootd! =))