Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I tried to experiment for this outfit.
I was supposed to be wearing just the flowered skirt.
But my stylist, A.K.A. my mom, asked me to put a longer skirt underneath
since the flowered skirt was very short for me.

Well, I think it look great!
It was just that many people were asking if I was going to a wedding.
Haha! =)) 

This would be a nice outfit to a wedding.
Just put on some heels and a also a belt to create more shape.

It would also be nice if you more hair accessories like my flowered hair clips.

Flower Hair Clips - Borrowed
Doodled Shirt - Just from somewhere :)
White Laced Long Skirt - Hand me down
Flowered Skirt - Cinderella
Glittered Slipper - Ipanema



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