Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Laziness Strikes

I am not really big when it comes to accessories.
I often get irritated by it but I try to use 'em sometimes.
Apart from that, I for one don't have that many accessories to start with.
You'll often see that I use the same pieces again and again
 or sometimes I just don't use them or doesn't emphasize it on my pictures.
Here are some of my pictures in this beautiful dress I got from my favorite shopping place.

I love how the way it hides my fats!
Yes, as you can see I'm not thin!
But I don't care! Haha (Well, sometimes I do care.)
At least I'm quite getting the hang of knowing my angles 
and hiding what's need to be hidden! Hahaha =))

Dress - from my favorite secret shopping place
Shoes - Bazaar

Most of the time I resort to a dress when I'm lazy to pick out more stylish clothes.
Dresses can just give that classy look without feeling the need to add anything else.
Cheers to another lazy day for me to style myself!